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JBHS Class of 1978: In Memory Of

Marian Bagtasos

Left us on 12/29/1989

Kirk Brown

Left us on 3/1/86
Motorcycle Accident

Maria Cervantes

Left us on 1/14/2005

Frank Cherney

Left us on 2/78

Kelly Childs

Left us in 1993

Cindy Chittim

Left us in 1997

Evan Cohen

Lenora Cox

Left us in 2002
Breast Cancer

Lenora was a fine Christian woman who dedicated her life to serving God. She worked in the prison ministry, attended a Baptist Church and womens bible studies. 14 years ago she donated a kidney to her brother, who now also works in the prison ministry. Her husband, Jim, says she loved to decorate. She was a classy lady who touched many lives and is missed very much.

Victoria DeLange

Left us on 1/28/1995

Vicky was my friend from birth. We grew up right across the street from each other, walked to school together every day from Kindergarten to 6th grade and she was like a built in friend. Whenever we were bored we'd just hang out in the front yard talking over the fence. (My dad and her daughter ended up doing the same thing once she passed away.) She taught me how to rollerskate and play softball and we spent many nights playing hide n' seek in her front yard with Karen Frederiksen and Mark Carlson, our other neighborhood friends. Many times she left us stranded out in the front yard as she got mad and took her ball and went in the house, but we'd just hang out and she'd eventually come back out to play. Vicky had a temper, which I think she eventually outgrew, but she was very athletic and still fun to play with.

As we grew up, we stayed friends even as our paths went different directions. Vicky and I would still meet across the fence whenever we were visiting our family homes and share stories of boyfriends, marriages, pregnancies and kids She had many struggles as she battled her leukemia and her biggest worry was what would happen to her two kids. By chance, God sent me to visit Vicky in the hospital the day before she passed away and I am so glad I did, so I had a chance to see my friend one last time. She was a good friend and I still miss her and the life she missed out on. Tragically, Vicky's husband John passed away two weeks after Vicky did and her children now live with their grandma, Barbara. Her daughter Nicole looks just like her and her son looks like his dad.

I miss you, Vick, and one day we will meet over the fence again to share our stories.

Dawna Sanchez

Rene Erickson

Left us on February 26, 2010
Succumbed to a diabetic coma

Dave Evans

Left us in 12/77
Off Road Accident

Brian Griswold

Left us on 3/24/91

Bruce Grossman

Luis Guzman

Left us
Accidental Shooting

Dave Hawkins

Left us on 11/29/2011
Cardiac Arrest

Dave Holland

Left us in 1977

Brian Jarbo

Left us on 10/2/00

Tom "Tex" Livingston

Left us in 1977
Car Accident

Mark Ludlam

Passed away 8/16/2009
Heart attack.

Wayne Markey

Left us in 1977
Swimming Accident

Patrick McDonald

Passed away August 10th, 2009.

Greg Mingin

Left us in 7/81
Mistaken Identity Beating

Todd Moffett

Left us on 2/7/1994

Chris Nicholas

Passed away in a car accident

Lori Novelli Artrip

Passed away on March 5th, 2009.

Jerean O'Haver

Left us in 1990
Auto Accident

Steve Osborne

Left us
Motorcycle Accident

Ricardo Sagory

Left us in 2002/2003?

Lupe Santine Hausfeld

Left us in the spring of 2009

Lisa Soderstrom

Left us in 4/06
Huntingtons Disease

Sheryl Spicer

Left us in 1/04
Heart Attack

Tim Stathas

Left us in 1/98
Heart Attack

Rocco Tenerelli

Left us in 6/86

Miguel Valle, Jr.

Left us 3/24/84
Auto Accident