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JBHS Class of 1978: Guestbook

Barry Foster

April 24, 2018

if you need any info from me let me know.

teresa jarbo-matthews

March 7, 2018

40 years how time flies you all look great

Kathie Kallestad

March 7, 2018

Our 40th High School Reunion is just around the corner. Let all our classmates know they can check in here or on FB for updates.

teresa jarbo

June 2, 2017

just pulled up the yearbook...looks's been a long time

Julie Baker O'Connor

January 30, 2013

Hi Everyone...I don't visit this site as much with Facebook in full swing...nice to see some people here that I don't see there. Hi Lauren Austin...hope you're well...xox

Kathie Christman Kallestad

December 29, 2012

To all my classmates - I wish you a healthy, happy, peace filled New Year. May God's love fill and surround your lives. I appreciate all of you so much. Thanks for the friendship you've given me over the years. Hugs, Kathie


December 28, 2012

who is looking for me who also knows sandy summerill

Hillary Jones

December 26, 2012

All your names bring back such nice memories for me....
I am saddened to hear of Dave Hawkins passings. Steve... my prayers are with you. Hillary jones xoxoxo

Lauren Austin

December 20, 2012

To the class of '78 ~ I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! So fun growing up in Burbank!! To scroll down the list of names and ride that wave of memories! I went to Edison Elementary, Jordan Jr. High and of course JBHS ~ so for me this site is such a joy!

God bless,



Kathie Christman Kallestad

September 8, 2012

Hey Angie,
So nice to see you here! Hope you can make it to next years reunion cruise! Would be great to hang with you for a weekend. Miss you sis. Hugs, Kathie

Angie Sanchez

July 30, 2012

This the my 1st time on this site and it's awesome! Great job to all keeping this site updated. Have yourselves a very blessed Day (:o) Angie

Kathie Christman Kallestad

July 20, 2012

Change of venue!!!!
Reunion on the 25th of August is now at the Castaway's. This should be really fun.
Also, we will be taking deposit for next years reunion cruise. So if you are interested, you can email me at See you all soon!

Cindy Shelton

May 2, 2012

Hello to all doing great in Indiana Delphine i can remember Jordon Jr. High your house was right by the school boy there was memories Iam happily married 22 years Iam an Activity Director in long term health care working with alzheimer seniors Very rewarding. My sister Chris lives in Tujunga Ca. I have two children Amy in 31 and My son Nicholas is 17 Does anyone know where Tracy Lorello is these Days I know where Sandy Cummeril is Talk to u later

Kathie Christman Kallestad

February 29, 2012

Keep the weekend of August 25th, 2012 open. There will be a multi-class reunion at DeBell that evening. If you want more information, you can contact Steve Alamillo through Facebook. Hope to see you all there.

Victoria (Strong) Mohutsky

February 7, 2012

Just heard about Dave Hawkins passing. Wow. What a wonderful soul. We had such a great time at the reunion and my prayers go out to all who miss him and his family. I hope to see many classmates on Feb 10.

Kathie Christman Kallestad

February 1, 2012

We are having a Meet n Greet on Friday, February 10th for 1977, 78 and 79 classmates. It starts at 6 and goes to whenever you want to leave. Food and drink are up to you. Class of 78 will have a copy of our 30 year reunion album available for viewing. Hope to see you there!

Kathie Christman Kallestad

January 23, 2012

If you are interested in viewing and or purchasing either the 25 or 30 year reunion albums, click on "Links" above, then click on the appropriate album. It is also available through Facebook.

anthony ferrini

January 18, 2012

i am sorry about dave's passing.He will be missed.

Larry Martinez

January 9, 2012

I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Some of you I knew from Roosevelt Elementary through JBHS, I left JBHS in 11th grade. As my daughter says good times. I live in Oklahoma now; but thinking of returning to Burbank. Any God Bless everyone.

Steve Hawkins

December 17, 2011

To everyone who attend davids service today thank you so very much for attending.It ment so very much to me and my family that so may of you guy came.Agian THANK YOU for coming.

Geri Lorenzana

December 12, 2011

I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Dave Hawkin's passing. We went to Jordan as well as Burroughs together. Kathie, do you know if there is a rosary Friday night 12/16? Unfortunately, I cannot attend the funeral Saturday morning.


Kathie Christman Kallestad

December 2, 2011

Memorial Service information for our dear friend David
Service: Memorial Mass Saturday 12/17 at 11am
Location: St Robert Bellarmine Parish
133 N. Fifth St.
Burbank, CA 91501
Reception to follow - details TBD"

Kathie Christman Kallestad

December 1, 2011

I am so sorry to have to post another loss. Dave Hawkins passed away this past weekend. We will post funeral service info when we get the information. Our love and prayers go out to the Hawkins family. Dave was a really wonderful guy. I personally knew Dave from St. Finbar and just recently had reconnected with him at our mini reunions at the Burbank Bar and Grill. I will miss his encouragement and laughter. Kathie

Scott Greene

November 10, 2011

It's been awhile. Just wanted to say hello. Although I am from the class of 1977 I knew so many in this class. Sad to see the ones that have left us. Hope all is well.

Kathie Christman Kallestad

October 7, 2011

Hello Classmates,
Just wanted to let you all know about a website that has music related to our different hurts. It's called "Music For The Soul". They have CD's for those of us who have lost loved ones, for those going through cancer, those who have had an abortion, those going through addictions and many others. It's a great resource for encouragement and healing.



Kathie Christman Kallestad

August 11, 2011

I'm planning on attending. Sounds like fun.

Marybeth Urbanovich-Christman

July 23, 2011

Hello Everyone! There will be a mini-reunion on Saturday, August 13th at 6PM in Burbank at the DeBell golf club house. The class of 79 is the organizer but all years are welcome! Please come if you can!

Elizabeth (Liz) Gorden

June 15, 2011

I had so many friends in the class of '78, and have been a guest to some of your reunion-type functions over the years, that I feel like one myself, even though I am really of the class of '77. I am so saddened to read of so many who have passed on too early. I hope everyone else is doing well, and feel free to FB me or email me! Peace, Liz

Marybeth Urbanovich-Christman

March 15, 2011

Services for Joe Forlizzi will be held on Saturday, March 19th, at Simi Covenant Church in Simi Valley at 11am. The address is: 4680 Alamo St., Simi Valley.

Pat Harrison

March 15, 2011

Hi again, just wanted to correct an error in the previous post. Our daughter will turn 28, not 29 in March! Had to correct knowing that ladies do not like to be older than they really are!! LOL

Pat Harrison

March 15, 2011

Hi everyone! Just wanted to come on and say hi! Havent seen most of you since High School. We attended our 10 year reunion, but havent been to any since.
I know alot of you dont remember me, and thats cool, but for those that do I just thought I'd kind of briefly update our life.
My wife and I have been married going on 29 years. Living in beautiful Loveland, Colorado for 21 years. We have 2 awesome kids. A daughter, Carissa, will turn 29, on March 30th. She is a medical assistant here in Loveland. Our son Kyle,will be 25 in April. He graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder 2 years ago, and is in the middle of earning his masters degree in business at CU! Kyle is set to get married in September of this year.
My wife, Alison, has been providing daycare for 28 years, both in California and here in Loveland! So long that, in fact, she is now caring for daycare kid's kids!!
I have been working for the same company as a machinist, Tool and Die Maker,here in Colorado, for 21 years.
Would'nt trade a single minute of any of it!
I wont bore you with life over the last 30+years, but just wanted to come on and say hi to you all.
I'm sorry to see so many names on the "In Memory of" list, several of who I considered friends in High School.
Hope life is good for all of you and will try to make it to the next reunion! Until then take care and God bless!

Marybeth Urbanovich-Christman

March 14, 2011

Just want to let you all know that Teri's husband, Joe Forlizzi, lost his battle with cancer yesterday. As soon as I get info on the service I will post it if you are interested in attending. Please keep Teri and her son AJ in your thoughts and prayers.

Kathie Christman Kallestad

March 11, 2011

Sorry about all the junk that was posted! Thanks Noemi for and Marybeth for letting me know.

Hope all is well with everyone.



Pat Harrison

March 9, 2011


Annette Arroyo

January 18, 2011

So Sorry I missed the fundraiser! My love and prayers go to you all! I have not been all that well my self! Sorry I was not able to help! I will pray and pray....... Love ya!


January 12, 2011

Hello, everyone! I apologize that it's taken so long to reach out to everyone! Life has been great since 1978. My wife (Sheryl) and I have just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and at age 51, we have a beautiful 3 year old daughter named Kylie.

Sheryl, Kylie and I have lived in the Northern Nevada region over the the past 22 years. Our last visit to Burbank was about 3 years ago. We plan to visit again this summer. Maybe we will cross paths in the near future.

As most of you may remember, I spent what would amount to be 30 years in the motion picture and television industry, eventually winning several film and television awards, including an Emmy Award nomination in 1999-2000. If that wasn't enough, I indulged in a parallel career as a Deputy Sheriff for 15 years.

All of you have been in my heart and thoughts throughout the years. Time seems to pass so quickly and as you look back, you wish you could step back, even for a moment and share a smile, a touch and a memory of those you've known to become your friends.

God Bless.

Virgil, Sheryl and Kylie...

Rex olson

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year from Rex Olson and Wayne Mucci

Marybeth Urbanovich-Christman

December 15, 2010

This Sunday, Dec. 19th is the variety show fundraiser for Teri (Husbands) and Joe Forlizzi!! 2PM!! It will be a very special time that you won't want to miss! So please come and join us, tickets will be sold at the door and there are plenty of seats!

Marybeth Urbanovich-Christman

November 29, 2010

For ticket information on the fundraiser show go to Thanks!

Marybeth Urbanovich-Christman

November 24, 2010

Hello Classmates! Want to put the word out there that our fellow classmates, Teri (Husbands) and Joe Forlizzi, are going through a huge trial. They lost their son back in September, and a few weeks later found out Joe has kidney cancer that has spread to his lung and spine. Because of the tumor in his spine, he is now a paraplegic. We are putting together a variety show fundraiser for the family at JBHS!!!!! It will be held on Sunday, Dec. 19th at 2PM. Spread the word! More info to come on how to purchase tickets.

Gene De Felicis

October 25, 2010

Doesn't really seem like it's been over 2 years since we all got together. I hope you are all doing well. Life is short... make it count. God bless you all.

Annette Arroyo

October 1, 2010

Kathie, I am in! Let me know how I can help! Love Ya

Kathie Christman Kallestad

September 30, 2010

Hello again, just wanted to throw something out there. I need help/info on an upcoming project and thought I would ask my classmates.
I won a raffle for a disco/funk band to play at an event of my choice. And after pondering my choices, I have decided that I want to use this band at a fund raiser for breast cancer. My idea is to sell tickets for the event (which I would like to host in February - pink month) and sell raffle tickets for home-made items such as quilts, furniture, paintings, etc. Obviously, I don't want to fork out a lot of money and could use some help in locating a place that will host this event. And since it is a disco/funk band, I wanted it to be a dance that our class/school could use as a place to get together again. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can respond here or email me directly at All proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Association. I am still waiting for them to get back to me as well.
Thanks for your help.

Kathie Christman Kallestad

September 30, 2010

Rex, I'm sorry I missed the car show. Hope you and your band had a great time and lots of classmates showed up.

For those of you who have noticed that I deleted the post pertaining to Jesus, I just want you to know that if a classmate wants to post his/her belief in God or Jesus and actually sign their name to it, I do not have a problem leaving it. However, if you are not willing to sign your name, then it will be deleted.

Also, if there are any slanderous notes left that I have missed or due to my lack of checking this website often enough get overlooked, please email me as soon as possible and I will delete it.

Hope all is well with everyone and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.


Rex Olson

September 12, 2010

Sunday September 19th come on down to Johnny Carson Park (formerly known as Buena Vista Park) for the JBHS Football Car Show. My band "Watertown" has been asked to play at the event. We would love to see everyone come out and support the team. The event goes on from 10 to 3, music starts at around noonish.

Nancy Guangorena

June 27, 2010

Hi everyone I was part of the class of 1978 and I am now a single mother of 5 children if anyone remembers me feel free to e-mail me at I am nothing like I was in school

Roland Roy

June 9, 2010

Roland Roy
June 9, 2010
To one of my best friends, and my best man.There has not been one day that I can't stop thinking about you. Hanging together with Kevin almost everyday since we were 9yrs old. Rene had a great heart.One of the most kindest and gentlest men in the world. I can not say enough about him. I wrote this to let people know what kind of man he was.To my best friend it is hard to say good bye.To his brother Harry and his mom Mrs. Erickson,love you as always.

Kathie Christman Kallestad

May 7, 2010

Just wanted to say how nice it was to see Mark Carlson after so long. I had a really nice time...even if it was a bit cold out there on the patio...needed more heaters! Laura, I hope you start writing again and send me something soon. Hugs to all!

Carol Tada-Serrano

April 22, 2010

I'm not sure who checks this website, but want everyone to know that Mark Carlson is coming to town. Dean Townsend is driving him up from OC to Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas on Friday April 30th. They will be there around 4 or 5 if anyone is interested....a mini reunion

Marianna Rice Guzzy

March 15, 2010

Hi Everyone! Wow - I did not know this website was still here. I stumbled on it and, with sadness, have been reading about some of our fellow classmates. Gosh, I remember Pat McDonald as the first boy I had a crush on when I moved to Burbank in the middle of the 8th grade. I would seem him here and there later as the years went by and he was always so friendly. I wish the families of the lost loved ones peace and light for your way. It is hard to lose our buddies and families. Just want to say Howdy from Austin, TX. I am also on Facebook if any of you are and want to keep in touch. I keep in touch with several people and it is fun to have a connection. I wish you all the best and I will check in every now and then!! Love and Hugs!! Marianna

Lois DeCamp

March 10, 2010

My deepest sympathy to Rene's family & friends.Lois DeCamp

Mark Lessard

March 5, 2010


Cindy Sherwood Boulais

March 4, 2010

I was so surprised to hear about Rene.

So sad to learn of another classmate leaving us.

RIP Rene.....

Sheryl Anderson-Vogt

March 4, 2010

I am so sorry to hear about Rene. I lost my beloved husband David last August the same way. He was 58.

Kathie Christman Kallestad

March 3, 2010

I just received this from a few classmates. Thank you Kevin, Darlene and Ron.

Rene was one of my favorite people in high school. I will miss him.

I just wanted to let you know of Rene Erickson’s passing, he had just turned fifty in January. He succumbed to diabetic coma on February 26th 2010.

Services for Rene will be Friday March 5th 5-9 pm (viewing) Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills-Faith Chapel. Celebration Service will be Saturday March 6th 9am - Old North Church, brunch to follow. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made to the American Diabetes Association in Rene's honor. If you do make a donation, please specify that your donation go towards Research & Education.

Delphine Vega-Paulsen

January 29, 2010

Heard Evan Cohen passed and seeking info on that..anyone know if true and when may have happened..
Thank you, Delphine


January 26, 2010

This is my last year of teaching. I think about my first teacher
assignment almost everyday. You were all very special to me.
Like to hear from Julie Baker. I have been reading about you
and congrats on those twins.

I have one son, Jonathan. Look him up on face book.

Like to hear from any of my students. I still have a picture
of those of you in my typing class. I work at Berendo Middle
School and teach math.

Please email me at send a picture or two.
Thanks for being part of my life.

Mr. Fossler

Byron Garin

January 7, 2010

shout out to Stephanie Iiams Happy b-day on the 9th

Scott Miller

January 2, 2010

Happy New Year to all!

Rex Olson

December 4, 2009

Happy 50th to Wayne Mucci

stephanie Iiams

December 4, 2009

Happy 50th Byron Garin!!!!

Liza Warren

November 12, 2009

Hi Marybeth! I'll see you at the game.
I will be bringing a group of Jordan Middle Schoolers.

Marybeth Urbanovich Christman

November 9, 2009

Hello Everyone! This Friday night, Nov. 13th, is the Burbank/Burroughs football game and it will be the last game played in the exisiting stadium, as it it going to be demolished and a new one built! Anyway, there is a group of alumni going to enjoy the stadium as we know it so if any of you out there can make it please come! Game time is 7PM. We'll go to Bob's afterwards!

julie Baker-O'Connor

November 4, 2009

Oh thank you and mine are all good. My twins started public middle school this year which is a real's very different from when we were in school but we're getting it together. Are you on Facebook yet? A bunch of us are on so if you're not...get busy! It's such an efficient way to stay in touch. Take care,

Al Penaranda

October 29, 2009

Hi Julie, that was me. I hope all is good with you and your family. I did not recognize many people that day. Stephanie took me by surprise (she is as cute as ever). I'm bummed I did not have a chance to talk to you.

Julie Baker-O'Connor

October 22, 2009

Hey, Al Peneranda...was that you sitting at the table behind me at Pat's memorial? Stephanie said it was...after the fact! Hope you and yours are well. Next time, lets talk.

Hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays...starting with Halloween! Big night @ our house.
Take care, Julie
PS I'm with Rex...

Rex Olson

October 13, 2009

So sorry to hear of Robert Ludlam passing.
Now let's all stop this dying crap! Ok?

Roger Herbel

September 26, 2009

Dave I went to school with your brother Steve, drop an email once and a while!
Take care , Rodg

Tom McDonald

September 20, 2009

As many of you saw the video at pat's memorial, I have the 1977 football season on video including the Hoover fight. I had many copies made for those of you former players from 1978 class that want one. Give me a call. 818 843-1900

Phil Wangenheim

September 20, 2009

Both Pat McDonald and Evan Cohen were my friends in elementary and junior high school. I am truly sad to hear about all the people who have died far too young from the class of 1978.

Noemi Rodriguez

September 19, 2009

Just heard the sad news about Pat McDonald. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the McDonald Family.

Al Penaranda

September 13, 2009

Great seeing so many of you at Pat's memorial. Stephanie Iams, Phil Bertole, Tim, Ernie, the Posada family, Gus De Felicis (my old Viking coach), Kirk Morales, the Arnoni's...and many others. Thanks to the McDonalds for sharing great memories and celebration of our past. The Penaranda's and McDonald's have always had a great bond and respect for each other throughout the years. The first coach I ever had was Mike McDonald Sr. in little league and I knew Pat his 2nd grade. They were three brothers as we were, Mike and Jairo being two years older of Pat and me and then Edgar and Tom. Pat and I being the middle brothers, were always fighting to get out of our older brother's shadows. We were definitely more rebellious. I remember Coach Bell being pissed off at me and Pat after pracitce, because we never had to try as much as our older brothers. I remember him yelling at us "why can't you be more like your brothers"? Pat and I laughed which got him angrier. As the micrpophone was being passed around today. I had some great stories of Pat but I could not share because his mom was in the room. Seeing his face and grin on the screen brought back great memories. We competed hard and I got to admit there were times I wanted to beat the crap out of him but he always got away with that grin and laugh. Take care.

Butch Cassidy

September 11, 2009

Some music/visuals courtesy OF BLIND FAITH in your honor PAT for your Day of Memorial Service, SEPT. 13, 2009:

See ya somewhere down the road. Take it easy, SUNDANCE!

P.S. ANNETTE your Aug 25/2009 message is so very much right on every point and Tom you are most welcome!

Randy Boulais

September 10, 2009

Bill Martin turned 50 today! Happy Birthday Bill!

September 10, 2009

Just a little reminder Pat McDonald's
Memorial is this Sunday Sept. 13, 1:00 p.m.
@ Elk's Lodge in Burbank.

Julie Baker-O'Connor

September 2, 2009

Oh my heart is so heavy and sad. I just found out about Pat McDonald this morning...
He was always one of the nicest guys in Burbank. I remember meeting him at Stevenson Elementary. Crush...crush on that boy! Then again, through Burroughs he was always so cool to me and my brothers.

My prayers go out to his mother, his brothers, his children, his grandchild and his fiance.

Even though I moved and took my own path, there's this incredible bond I feel for all the people I grew up with in Burbank. Unlike anything else. Pat was certainly part of that love~

My memory of him is from simpler more innocent times which I will cherish.

Tom AKA: Sundance's kid brother

August 25, 2009

That was a great story although it sounds like a better memory! One that I'm sure you will never forever! I can't tell you how many times my brother/protector stood up for my big mouth when I was young. Thank you Butch!


Annette Arroyo

August 25, 2009

Butch, Thanks for your story. We all need to remember the good times in each ones life's. Life is tooo.... short!
Live!!! Love!!! Laugh!!!
And do not be to scared to tell loved one how you feel! Love with your whole heart!!!

Butch Cassidy

August 24, 2009

Ode to Pat McDonald:

Tom: I was very sorry to hear about Pat. I wasn't close to your brother cuz we didn't run in the same circles, but on occasion between classes or gym at Burroughs back in the 70s, sometimes we would shoot the breeze about the usual stuff and since Pat was a free-spirit and live wire in the greatest sense of those words, thought I would share
this Pat McDonald story, which happened a few years after Burroughs 1978:

See, I was out on the piss, 10 sheets to the wind one night at the Smoke House in Burbank and was in a heated argument with some fricking morons at the bar.

All of the sudden this guy comes up to me on my left-kind of startles me-and says are these guys bothering you? And I said, "No, they are about to leave before they get their asses kicked." The bartenders popped off to all of us to cut the crap immediately unless we wanted to deal with the Burbank Cops in less than five minutes.

So we all cooled down and started to walk back to our seats and Pat said to me,"You were awfully sure of yourself over there for a college boy, though I notice you have bulked up since leaving Burroughs."

And I said,"Well it's always nice to have a McDonald Brother on standby in case the crap really starts to hit the fan."

Pat said, "Why is that?" And I said, because unless I'm mistaken all the brothers have the fight and the might of the Irish Scottish in them like someone I know.

Pat just smiled and his eyes lit up and said, "Let me buy you a beer man!"

So we're having our beer and I said, "Pat, this is like something out of the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid movie starring Newman and Redford."

Pat said, "Well, who are ya going to be, Butch or Sundance?"

I said, "Well, Butch was the thinker and Sundance was the gunslinger, so I've got to be Butch and Pat, you've got to be Sundance."

Anyway, the morons are still down at the other end of the bar and right on que just like in the movie, Butch and Sundance(i.e. Me & Pat) start making funny faces at the morons like they were the guys chasing Butch & Sundance in the movie and we keep keep saying to each other and the bartenders, time and time again, "WHO ARE THOSE GUYS?, WHO ARE THOSE GUYS?, WHO ARE THOSE GUYS?"

And we were simply laughing our asses off for the next half hour or so until I had to go. So SUNDANCE, thanks for having my back that night, thanks for the beer, and rest easy, my man, rest easy!

P.S. Apologies for the length of the story. Great website, Kathie. Take Care & God Bless.

Kathie Christman Kallestad

August 23, 2009

I found out last night from Joe Brown that Mark Ludlam passed away on the 16th of this month. He died from a heart attack.

I knew Mark from St. Finbar days. Unfortunately I did not know him in recent years other than tracking him down for our reunions.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family and close friends.


Kathie Christman Kallestad

August 23, 2009

Thanks to all who attended last nights mini get together at the BB&G. Sorry Scott and Annette for the time mix-up.

We had 5 new alumni show up...Bob Mulloy, Wayne Mucci and wife Diane, Joan Futrell and hubby Tony and Linda Knobbe! We were so glad you could make it. Sorry Linda that everyone was leaving by the time you got there with Joe Brown and Brian Barnes.

Ron Malo, I hope you post those pictures you took soon.

Dave Hawkins, Jeanne Ramirez, Marybeth Urbanovich, Teri Husbands, Rex Olson, Cheryl Rosenthal and Teri Shaver...always a pleasure to see all of you.

Looking forward to our next get together.

Blessings and hugs,


Gene De Felicis

August 21, 2009

Tommy, Thanks for posting the video link. It's been a few years since I've seen Pat and it was good to see his smile again. My heart and prayers go out to you brother. I'll see you on the 13th.

Lenora (Hennessy) Sanchez

August 21, 2009

Tom, thank you so much for sharing the video of Pat - it's terrific and just as I remember him.

Forever in our hearts and with memories that bring us joy and laughter, we love you Pat. The angels rejoyce with your homecoming while those of us left behind will miss you and look forward to our reunion.

May God's comfort be with you Tom, Peg and the entire McDonald family and friends. We are all so blessed for him being a part of our life.
Love, Lenora

Rex Olson

August 20, 2009

Pat McDonald's obituary:

Tom McDonald

August 20, 2009

I have set up a memorial for Pat for Sunday, September 13th 1:00pm Elks Lodge in Burbank

Rex Olson

August 20, 2009

Great video, thanks for the link Tom

Annette Arroyo

August 19, 2009

Tom, My Love and Prayers are with you and the family. I have Fond Memories of Pat. (Great Guy!) Thank You, for that footage of Pat.

Scott Miller

August 19, 2009

Tom very cool video of Pat, glad you shared this with all of us. My thoughts are with you and the whole family.

gina geraci

August 19, 2009

I just watched the video that Tom posted for all of us to watch. Seeing the video of Pat smiling and laughing, with the surf in the background... That is how I will remember Pat McDonald. Thank you Tom.

Tom McDonald

August 18, 2009

Below is a link to a video of my brother Pat

Rex Olson

August 17, 2009

I am very sorry to hear of Pat McDonald's passing. We had bumped into each other several times over the years, shared a few laughs and memories of more innocent times. The last time I saw Pat was a few years back, he was looking good at the time which is how I will remember him. Blessings to his loved ones.

So long my friend, be at peace.

gina geraci

August 17, 2009

I'm still in shock to hear about Pat McDonald. My prayers go out to his brothers Tom and Mike, his motherColeen, his children and the rest of his family. I will always remember Pat's beautiful smile. He will be missed by so many people. I know he is at peace now. I am also sorry to hear about Evan. I didn't know him that well, but I hope he too is at peace. Remember that life is too short to stay mad at someone, hold a resentment, or not say what you truly feel in your heart. Kiss your children everyday. Say "I love you" to the people that are important to you. Take care everyone.

August 15, 2009

Pat was a cool dude, great memories of Pat. RIP

Tom McDonald

August 14, 2009

Dave thank you for the call today and the kind words about Pat. You guys were pals since 5th grade and I still remember the day I met you at Stevenson and I wanted Pat to beat you up (lol) you guys became great friends. Thanks for being my friend too!
Tom McDonald

ps; We are planning a memorial for next month and I will let you know.

Darlene Esquivel

August 14, 2009

Hi everyone it has been a while anyway just wanted to say that Evan and Pat will be missed and they have finally found a peaceful place. I have moved back from San Antonio Texas to California! I found Stacie Iverson she lives in San Antonio and wanted me to say hi to everyone. See you soon at the Meet and Greet.

Kathie Christman Kallestad

August 13, 2009

I was so sorry to hear about our two classmates/friends. I will post them along with Lori Novelli on our "In memory of" section.

Thanks for the reminder Scott Miller. Life has gone by so fast that our mini reunion is upon us. August 22nd at the Burbank Bar and Grill. Hope everyone in the area will stop by for a few hugs and conversation.

Blessings to you all. Be safe and we'll see you very soon.


Lonnie Shannon (married name- Alona Ward)

August 13, 2009

God Bless both Pat and Evan.
May they both Rest in Peace

brad scheire

August 13, 2009



August 13, 2009


Lenora Hennessy Sanchez

August 12, 2009

Hello everyone, I'm really saddened to hear about Pat McDonald, I have lots of fond memories of him all the way back to Jr. High. Sad also to hear about Evan too. A jolt to remind us how very precious and fragile life is. I'm back in California now (Murrieta) and hope to make a get together soon - be afraid, be very afraid! ; )
Love to you all, Lenora
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